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I started a woman only group recently. I’ve received support, and criticism. I welcome all of it. I believe there needs to be more safe spaces for women, where they can gather, be heard, and grow. Safe means supported. It doesn’t mean comfortable. I feel there is nothing wrong with a group that excludes some as there are groups out there for those who are excluded, or you could create one yourself. The intention of this group is to learn from one other as women and to grow together, and to gain clarity and insight we can then share. Those who aren’t included in women born as women can gather in their own groups, grow, and share, just as we are doing. I look forward to growing deeper in my womanhood and I look forward to learning from all of you, as well! #radicalfeminist #thereisaidit #isupportwomen #ilovewomen #itwontbecomfortable #getuncomfortable #grow #womensupportingwomen #womencarryingwomen #united #together #sisterhood #matriarchy


  1. __the__mother__ship

    For the full video, join the group, The Mother Ship!

  2. erickamaneki

    Is your group an online group? Could I join if I live miles away?

  3. maplemoonsong