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I mean... it wasn’t meant to be posted. Supposed to stay in our circle... I made it as a total joke... but, who doesn’t love a fun video of chicks in bikinis flying drones? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I promise I will make a more appropriate video... With the adorable children that we birthed- but for now- here’s the women behind the madness! When my one friend keeps calling this gathering of incredibly beautiful women a “Mom Squad Party...” I can’t help but instantly correct her. It’s a MILF party and the song in your head should be @fergie Milf Money. I threw SOME of the clips together in a quickness and boom! Here’s thirty seconds of a glimpse of how we throw a Friday sunset gathering! Ahhhhh, goooood times! SIDE NOTE: the best part of droning to me, is seeing the sunset twice in one day. It amazes me and my spectators every single time! #momsquad #milf #milfsquad #girltime #queenofthedrone #sanibelcauseway #fun #party #outside #sanibel